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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are a major driving force behind many programs offered by Cooperative Extension in Alleghany County. Their outreach efforts spread Extension educational programs far beyond what our staff could accomplish alone.

Below is a listing of our major volunteer opportunities. Please contact the Alleghany County Center at 336-372-5597 if you are interested in becoming an Extension volunteer.

Alleghany County Advisory Council

Advisory leaders are a key component of our volunteer force. They are the way we make sure our educational programs are viable and that they address the most important educational needs of the county. In Alleghany County, we rely on county advisors to tell us the needs and issues that our programs should address.

For more information about Alleghany’s Advisory Council contact George Stancil, County Extension Director or Kathy Miller.

Alleghany County 4-H

We welcome you to join the men and women who volunteer with Alleghany County 4-H. It is these volunteers who allow us to make real difference for local youth – giving them something positive and meaningful to do! You can help us “Make the Best Better”.

For more information about Alleghany County 4-H contact Sara Drake, 4-H Agent or Michele Hamm.

Extension & Community Association

The Alleghany County Extension & Community Association of comprised of 4 clubs throughout the county. The purpose of this organization is to promote education through programs that encourage and assist members in promoting higher standards of family living, home making skills and citizenship responsibility.

For more information about Alleghany County Extension & Community Association contact Sherrie Peeler.

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